Bad effect on children: Now the Chinese government’s eyes on the gaming industry, ‘electronic drugs’ are having a profound effect on the child’s mind!

It is reported that after tightening the reins on many other industries of the high-tech sector, now the Chinese government is going to crack down on the computer game industry. Due to this news, the shares of Tencent, the largest developer of computer games in China, fell 10.36 percent on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Tuesday. Shares of two other gaming companies – NetEase and Arcsaur Games – fell even more. NetEase’s shares fell 12.3 per cent and Arcsaur Games shares fell 18.5 per cent.

Earlier, a Chinese state-run newspaper strongly criticized online gaming. In the article published in it, it was described as ‘electronic and drugs”mental opium’. The alleged harmful effects of computer games on children were discussed in detail in the article published in China’s official newspaper Economic Information Daily. It said that children are getting addicted to computer games like drugs. This is affecting their development.


This article was considered a sign that the Chinese government is considering imposing new rules on game makers. Recently, disciplining child-related businesses has emerged as a priority for the Chinese government. In this connection, strict action was taken on the coaching and private tuition industry. There is no official statement yet about the intention of the Chinese government regarding gaming. The article, which appeared in the Economic Information Daily on Tuesday, was taken down from the website of this print newspaper after some time. But that article is present in the print edition.

Observers have pointed out that the Chinese government implemented strict rules about gaming in 2018. Then it was said that these games are having a serious effect on the eyes of the children. At that time it was decided not to allow any new game to be brought to market. In 2019, the government had implemented a rule prohibiting children below 18 years of age from playing games between 10 am and 8 am.


But Tencent and NetEase companies recently took measures to avoid these rules. They removed the requirement to register in the real name at the time of purchase of the game. Tencent company removed the condition of facial recognition through smartphone. Earlier, through facial recognition, it was ensured that the person buying the game was an adult.

Now Tencent has said that it will further reduce the playing time of its most popular game – Honor of Kings – after criticism of computer games appeared in the state newspaper. Right now kids can play it for one and a half hours. The company will now reduce its time limit to one hour. Apart from this, the company has also announced a ban on the purchase of games for children below 12 years of age.

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