IPCC Report 2021: Global warming, major threat to India; Warning from IPCC report

The sixth report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Climate Change 2021-The Physical Science Basis was published on the adverse effects of global warming.

In the coming period there will be floods, tropical cyclones, rising sea levels, more rains in less time and at the same time severe drought conditions in the vicinity. At the same time, the 21st century is expected to see an increase in heat and a decrease in cold.

There are signs that global warming will increase by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 10 to 20 years. Future temperature rises could harm the natural world. The report also said that land and sea ecosystems would be insufficient to meet the environmental challenges.

Scientists say there is a need to control greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide. The crisis of this effective greenhouse gas, especially methane, is serious. Policy makers need to implement Net Zero Plans to prevent global warming.

Destroying carbon dioxide is a very difficult net zero tool; However, reducing emissions can be beneficial. However, given the current situation, efforts by policy makers are declining. So there are no signs that the Earth’s temperature will stop at 1.5 to 2 degrees. According to policymakers and government officials, the rise is expected to reach 4 degrees Celsius.

In India, China and other Asian countries, the heat wave has intensified and the cold snap has reduced its extreme events, the report said. In other words, these are clear signs of global warming.

Man is also responsible for global climate change, and his intervention has led to global warming since the 1970s, as well as changes in the Earth’s frozen regions and the acidification of the oceans.

Measures to stop global warming are also outlined. Emphasis should be placed on reducing the amount of carbon that accumulates in space. At the same time net zero and other greenhouse gases should be reduced. According to scientists, even the lowest carbon emissions will cause global warming. As such, measures must be taken to survive along with the rise in temperature.

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