Good news for iPhone users, Battleground Mobile India will be coming to iOS soon

Battleground Mobile India has been a hot topic for many days now. But now the curiosity is almost over.

The game PUBG was banned in India in September last year. A few months later, the same Battleground Mobile India game as PUBG was launched on July 2, 2021. This game also made a home in everyone’s mind just like PUBG. But we can use this game only in Android software. This is why so many ios users have expressed their displeasure. Ios users have been wondering for days when they will be able to play this game. But now the curiosity is almost over.

It has been almost a month since the launch of the game… Battleground Mobile India by sharing the post on Instagram. In just a few days, the fans of this game liked this game. The number of users of this game has reached 50 lakhs. So, Crafton, the inventor of the Battleground Mobile India game, shared a post on Instagram saying, “We will soon launch this game for ios software users in the joy of having 5 million users.” Yet its date is not yet clear.

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