China’s Cyber ​​Attack on Israel: Secret Information Stolen, Attempt to Turn Suspicion on Iran

The largest cyber attack on Israel by China has ever been carried out.

The biggest cyber attack on Israel by China has been carried out. Hackers have stolen important data from government organizations, information technology companies (IT companies) and the telecom sector. The China was behind the attack has claimed by the US cyber security company First Eye. China’s stolen data also includes the confidential and most important details of ordinary users.

The attack is said to have been carried out by the Chinese cyber group UNC215. Hackers took over Israel’s system and stole sensitive data, targeting old flaws in Microsoft SharePoint. In particular, The Chinese hackers had a plan to suspect an attack on Iran.

There have been several previous cyber attacks by Iranian hackers on Israel. Israel and Iran are old rivals and they are always trying to bridge the gap. The hackers used Persian language to spread suspicion of an attack on Iran. The plan was for Israel to take note of the attack and move its suspicions toward Iran. But in reality the plan flops and China’s theft from US cyber security companies is exposed.

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