Election Commission website hacked? Thousands of identity cards made by youth from Uttar Pradesh!

Police have arrested a youth who hacked the Election Commission’s website and made thousands of fake identity cards.

In the last few years, there have been many complaints of irregularities in the elections in the world’s largest democracy. Such complaints are still coming. Sometimes it’s about the voting machine, sometimes it’s about voter lists. But now it has come to light that more than 10,000 fake identity cards have been made by hacking the Election Commission’s website. A youth has also been arrested from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, PTI reported. The youth, identified as Vipul Saini, is being questioned by the Uttar Pradesh Police.

Use only official passwords!

The Times of India has given a detailed report in this regard. According to police, Vipul Saini was logging on to the Election Commission’s website using the password of the Election Commission officials. He has been arrested from Macharhedi village in Saharanpur. Police also seized a hard disk and a computer from the raid on his shop. Vipul Saini has recently completed his Bachelors of Computer Application from a University in UP.

Millions of rupees in Saini’s account!

Meanwhile, a police investigation has found that Vipul Saini has lakhs of rupees in his account. In the last three months, Vipul Saini has made thousands of identity cards. However, it is not yet known what he was doing or was going to do with these credentials.

So much identity card and so much money?

Where did the lakhs of rupees in Saini’s account come from? Police are also investigating. The motive behind making the card is still unknown and police say an investigation is underway. During the police interrogation, Saini also mentioned the name of his accomplice Arman Malik from Madhya Pradesh.

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