A crowd of three million fans in Paris for Messi ?; Video got viral

The biggest news in the world of sports in the last few days is that footballer Messi’s long relationship with FC Barcelona has come to an end. The football icon then officially signed with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). This has been welcomed by sports fans in France as well as Messi.

Meanwhile, a video went viral on social media, claiming that more than 300,000 people had gathered on the streets of Paris to welcome Messi to the city. The video has been viewed by over 2.8 lakh people since it was published on Twitter on August 10.

More than 300,000 people are on the streets of Paris, so Messi is the best player ever. ” A video of the crowd with this caption was shared on Twitter.

However, it turned out that despite Messi’s huge fan base around the world, the video is fake. While many fans fell victim to the video due to developments in the French football world, some users searched for the location of the episode and realized that the clip was not actually filmed in Paris.

This is confirmed by the presence of the sign that reads “Mecca” at the beginning of the video. Newsweek confirmed the report that it was part of The Mecca Sports Bar and Grill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An attempt was made to locate the location by Google Maps, and by looking at some of the landmarks in the area, it became clear when the video was.

Some Twitter users also pointed out that the video actually features fans of the NBA team, the Milwaukee Bucks. In July, it was learned that crowds were celebrating on the streets of Haran district for “Game 6 of the NBA Finals”. The Chicago Tribune report with pictures also confirms that fans gathered outside the Fisherv Forum on July 20 for the final round.

Moreover, the video posted via the NBA’s official Twitter page is similar to the video shared as a clip of Messi’s fans. The locations are the same. From this, it is clear that the viral video does not show fans crowding the streets of Paris to welcome Messi.

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