99% of people make these mistakes while eating; Mistakes cause health damage

Many things are said about eating a balanced diet in modern culture. But the rules of Ayurveda are not considered much. But if you want to take care of your health, then understand the principles of Ayurveda to manage your diet. According to Ayurveda, combining certain things in the diet can be dangerous.

If you have eaten urad dal, never drink milk after that. Also do not drink milk after eating radish, eggs, meat. After that, drinking milk impairs the function of the digestive system.

Many people like to eat radish as a salad in their meals. But if you are eating okra, never eat radish together. Combined consumption of radish and okra causes some changes in the skin. This can lead to other skin related problems like blemishes on the face.

Shake is often made by adding fruit to milk. Custard also contains fruit in milk. But fruits should not be eaten with milk. Eating fruits mixed with milk absorbs the enzymes of calcium in milk. This does not benefit the body in any way.

Okra and safflower are also available in the market during the summer season. Some people like both vegetables. But you may not know that okra and safflower should never be eaten together. Okra and safflower consume toxins in the stomach. This can lead to life threatening situations for you.

A mixture of onion and curd is never considered good. Avoid eating it otherwise it can cause itching, eczema as well as skin diseases like psoriasis and many stomach related problems.

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