Prevent your Facebook account from being hacked,

If you want to protect your personal data from being leaked, be alert immediately. Your phone may contain a number of apps that have been attacked by malware. In this case, your privacy is compromised. Google recently banned 9 apps from its platform that were secretly stealing users’ data. But if you are still using those apps, delete them immediately.

Recently, researchers have discovered a new Android Trojan Flytrap, which is being used to hack the accounts of Facebook users in more than 140 countries.

According to Zimperium zLabs’ mobile threat research team, the malware has been spreading from March 2021 across the Google Play Store, third-party app stores and sideload apps. This malware does its job in a very simple way. First, it logs the victim into the app through their Facebook Credentials, then it steals users’ data.

Research has also shown that FlyTrap uses mobile apps such as Netflix Coupon Code, Google AdWorld Coupon Code and Best Football Team Voting and Player.

After downloading this app, it makes users stupid and asks a lot of questions. After answering all of this, it directs users to a Facebook login page, asking them to login with a Facebook account to vote.

We will tell you that the malware uses JavaScript injection, from which it accesses the Facebook ID, location, email address and IP address of the users. The stolen information is then transferred to Flytrap’s command and control server.

Ziperium has alerted Google about three dangerous apps that transfer flytrap malware through the Google Play Store. Google then researched and verified such malicious apps and removed them from the Google Play Store.

In their investigation, Google found that the following apps were stealing users’ data, after which they were removed from the Google Play Store in a related action.

  • GG Voucher (com.luxcarad.cardid)
  • Vote European Football (com.gardenguides.plantingfree)
  • GG Coupon Ads (com.free_coupon.gg_free_coupon)
  • GG Voucher Ads (com.m_application.app_moi_6)
  • GG Voucher (
    Chatfuel (com.ynsuper.chatfuel)
  • Net Coupon (com.free_coupon.net_coupon)
  • Net Coupon (
    EURO 2021 Official (com.euro2021)

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