Elon Musk mocked Jeff Bezos again,

The competition is between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Both of the richest people in the world are competing with each other for space exploration ventures SpaceX and Blue Origin. Elon Musk has already ridiculed Jeff Bezos. Now, once again, the toll has been raised through tweets. Responding to a tweet about hydrogen cars, Musk said that no amount of money can account for physics. Without further ado, he tweeted that Jeff Bezos was performing very well.

For the past few days, Musk has been targeting Bezos on any issue. Earlier, Musk had called him Irony Man, tweeting from a lawsuit.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX was awarded a 2.9 billion Lander contract for a mission to the moon. This was aimed at Bezos Blue Origin. It provided information on some of the errors in this mission.
Blue Origin published an infographic on its website about Musk’s stardom. It said using NASA astronauts to the moon could be dangerous. Bezos, on the other hand, has said nothing about masks in public, but has often been seen talking about blue origins. Musk often makes such comments via Twitter.

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