President Ghani fled with four cars full of cash and a helicopter?

The Afghan government surrendered after Taliban forces stormed Kabul. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani then fled the country after holding talks with Taliban leaders. Ghani is said to have fled the country with four cars and a helicopter carrying cash when he left the country.

Reuters quoted the Russian news agency RIA and some eyewitnesses as saying. Ashraf Ghani had a large amount of cash. Some said they had to leave large sums of money in Afghanistan due to lack of space. Nikita Inschenko, a spokeswoman for the Russian embassy in Kabul, said four cars were filled with cash. Some of the money was then placed in a helicopter. After that, due to lack of space, Ghani had to release water for some more amount. A Russian embassy official said the information was provided by an eyewitness.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of exiled Afghan President Ashraf Ghani are not known. According to some reports, Ghani is currently in Oman. Tajikistan and Kazakhstan have reportedly refused access to Guinea and its allies. Guinea is expected to leave Oman for the United States.

President Ghani had signalled resistance when Taliban forces approached the gates of the capital, Kabul. However, the Afghan government surrendered after the Taliban infiltrated Kabul. Ghani had said that there was no bloodshed in Kabul, adding that he had handed over power to the Taliban out of concern for the safety of Afghan civilians. Afghan citizens were outraged when Ghani surrendered to the Taliban.

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