Shershah: Dimple Cheema still remembers Captain Vikram Batra; Life as it is now

Although 22 years have passed since the Kargill War, a testament to the incomparable prowess of the Indian Army, the memories of this war are still fresh in the minds of every Indian. Tears still flow from the eyes of Indians today over the sacrifices of Captain Vikram Batra and many other brave soldiers like him who were martyred in this war. Through their might, sacrifice fills the chest. The film ‘Shershah’ based on the life and bravery of Captain Vikram Batra, who stunned even the enemy with his heroic deeds in the Kargil war, has just been released. The movie has received overwhelming response from the audience and the biggest attraction of the movie is the love story of Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema.

The true story of a valiant warrior and his beloved who lives his life in his memory is making the audience emotional. In Shershah, actor Siddharth Malhotra plays Param Vir Chakra Award winner Captain Vikram Batra and Kiara Advani plays his girlfriend Dimple Cheema. has reported about this.

Everyone knows about Vikram Batra; But not much was known about Dimple Cheema. This film has brought the information of Cheema’s sacrifice and unique love to the world. So now many people are curious about Dimple Cheema. The love story of Captain Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema is like a romantic movie. In the movie Shershah, their relationship is beautifully portrayed in the song ‘Ranja’.

Vikram and Dimple first met in 1995 at Punjab University College. Both were admitted to postgraduate courses in English; But Vikram’s dream was to join the army. So he left the university after passing the CDS examination required for admission to the Indian Military Academy. Dimple also did not complete her postgraduate course. After Vikram Batra went to Dehradun for training, it was not possible to meet Dimple Cheema for a long time, but when they returned home on holiday, their love blossomed again. They began to meet. At that time, when Dimple asked him about the marriage, Vikram took a blade from his wallet, cut off his thumb and filled his blood in Dimple’s vagina. This was the most beautiful moment of our lives, says Dimple.

Another story told by Dimple also testifies to their unique love story. Vikram and Dimple always used to go to the temple of Goddess Manasa. Once Vikram and Dimple were together in the temple of Manasa Devi. Vikram was following Dimple while walking around. At the end of the tour, Vikram said to Dimple, ‘Congratulations! Mrs. Batra. ‘Dimple kept looking at him. Then Vikram smiled and said, don’t you realize, we have walked together four times. After this Vikram Batra was posted to Kargil and he went to Kargil. After returning from there, he and Dimple had decided to get married; but destiny did not approve of it. While fighting in the Kargil war, Captain Vikram Batra died a heroic death. They never came back. But Dimple decided to live as his widow. She currently lives in Chandigarh. It was here that he spent countless beautiful moments of love with Vikram Batra. Dimples are living their lives in those memories.

Kiara Advani had met Dimple to prepare for her role in the Shershah film. She too was overwhelmed by his story. ‘Dimple is an Unsung Hero. Who sacrificed their lives for your love. Faced every challenge. Dimple is today’s Indian woman, who makes her own decisions and is proud of it. Her decision to remain unmarried in the memory of her martyred lover and her faith in love will always inspire me, ‘she said.

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