Neeraj Chopra at hospital: Why Neeraj Chopra’s health deteriorated?

India’s Golden Boy Neeraj Chopra’s health suddenly deteriorated today and he was rushed to hospital. Doctors have now revealed the exact reason why Neeraj’s health deteriorated so much.

After winning the gold medal, Neeraj arrived in Panipat 10 days later. He then rallied from the Haldana border and reached his hometown of Khandara. As the program to welcome Neeraj started at Khandara, Neeraj’s health deteriorated and he was seen sitting on the stage. Neeraj was then brought to the back of the stage. After that, Neeraj’s health deteriorated further and he was admitted to the hospital. This time, Dr. Sushil Sarwan said, “Neeraj is constantly traveling and at the same time he is feeling unwell due to the crowd.

Neeraj is in dire need of rest at the moment. Therefore, Neeraj should be rested for a few days. “Neeraj had a fever a few days ago and after that he was tested for corona. He is seen traveling, which is why his health has deteriorated.

Neeraj was marched to the ruins of his village. He then arrived at the venue of the event. But as the program progressed, his health deteriorated. Neeraj has been suffering from fever for the last 3 days. His corona was tested. His report was also negative. Neeraj was admitted to the hospital and his reception was postponed. There was a big crowd at the event venue. Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has a high fever and a sore throat. This led to his corona being tested. But his report came back negative. He could not attend the function organized by the Haryana government on Friday due to ill health. So now Neeraj has come up with the most important thing to take care of his health.

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