Biden warns Taliban: Attacks on US military troops will not be tolerated,

US President Joe Biden, while explaining his position on the situation in Afghanistan, said that the Taliban would not tolerate any attack on US military troops by the Taliban. He also said that he would not tolerate attacks on women and children in Afghanistan. Noting that 18,000 people have been evacuated so far, Biden said the entire army would be evacuated from Afghanistan after the rescue operation.

Joe Biden said, “Afghanistan will be discussed at the G7 meeting next week. Attacks on US troops will not be tolerated. If the Taliban attacks America, we will answer it. NATO countries stand with the United States. So far 18,000 people have been evacuated. IS terrorists released from prisons can carry out attacks. The crisis in Afghanistan is huge. ”

International pressure on Afghanistan, will not tolerate attacks on women and children ”

“All assistance is being provided to the refugees. It will bring back American citizens who are willing to return. ISIS is a greater threat from terrorists. We have completely secured Kabul Airport. It will bring international pressure on Afghanistan. It is time to end the war in Afghanistan. “We will not tolerate attacks on women and children,” Biden said.

“Every time we are in contact with the Taliban, the US has no interest in Afghanistan.”

“It was my decision to leave Afghanistan. Time is hard for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Getting an airlift from Kabul is the hardest part. We were in touch with the Taliban every time. The US has no interest in Afghanistan. People are being airlifted by a chartered plane. He could not leave Afghanistan 15 years ago. “Once our rescue operation is complete, we will fully withdraw our troops,” Biden said.

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