Among the 500 largest companies in the world, 12 Indian companies, Reliance is ranked 57th

The Hurun Global 500 list includes 243 companies from the US, 47 from China and 30 from Japan. Reliance tops Indian companies.

The Hurun Global 500 has been released by the Hurun Research Institute, which now includes 12 Indian companies among the 500 richest companies in the world. Reliance tops the list of Indian companies, followed by TCS (Tata Consulting Services) and HDFC Bank.

Apple on top in the list with a market value of 2. 2.4 trillion, followed by Microsoft at 2. 2.11 trillion. Amazon is in third place with a value of 1. 1.8 trillion, while Alphabet is in fourth place with a value of 1. 1.7 trillion.

According to the Hurun Global 500 list, the value of the world’s four largest companies, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet, has doubled in the Corona era. The value of all these four companies has increased by nearly Rs 3 billion during the Corona period to Rs 6 billion. The four companies account for 14 per cent of Huron’s list.

The Hurun Global 500 list includes 243 companies from the US, 47 from China and 30 from Japan. There are 12 companies in India. The company is valued at 36 3.66 trillion, or Rs 2.72 lakh crore, for inclusion in the list.

Reliance on top in Indian companies
The list includes 12 Indian companies, with Reliance topping the list. Reliance and TCS are in the top 100. Reliance’s value has grown by 11 per cent this year to Rs 19.98 lakh crore. Reliance ranks 57th on Huron’s list. It is followed by TCS with an increase of 18 per cent in value to Rs 12.2 lakh crore.

HDFC’s value grew by 11.3 per cent to Rs 8.40 lakh crore. The list also includes Wipro, Asian Paints, HCS Technology. The 48 companies that were in the top 500 last year have dropped out this year.

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