Using Apple Watch, thieves stole Rs 3.71 crore, tracked and stole a bag full of money

Using an Apple Watch, the thieves stole 500,000 dollar or about Rs 3.71 crore in cash from a person.

In the United States, thieves have been known to use an Apple Watch to track down a person. Using an Apple Watch, they robbed a person of 500,000 dollar or about Rs 3.71 crore in cash

How exactly did the robbery happen?

When Apple launched its AirTags earlier this year, there were concerns about how Bluetooth location tags could be used to track people, raising legal questions.

This is what thieves used in America. He managed to track his target using an Apple Watch.

He had already fully identified the person. They found out that the man was dealing in drugs. The thieves stole the hotel room key and then fled with 500,000 dollar. The thieves hid an Apple Watch under the bumper of the man’s car, through which he was being tracked.

The gang of 7 thieves bought an Apple Watch and linked it to their AT&T account. The thieves then placed the watch under the man’s car. They used this idea as the device is very light and small so no one would suspect. The Apple Watch began chasing the man after placing the car under the bumper. He went into the man’s hotel room and stole 500,000 dollar in cash.

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