Xiaomi to launch electric vehicle soon

Smartphone maker Xiaomi is now set to step into a different field than the handset. The company has announced. The autonomous driving technology startup will buy DepMotion for 77.4 million. With this agreement, the company is expected to launch an electric vehicle in the market soon.

Xiaomi will develop Level 4 self-driving technology for its electric vehicles. The company will create driver assistance software after the purchase of DeepMotion. Xiaomi will launch its first electric car in a very short time. Wang Jiang, president of Xiaomi, said, “With this acquisition, we want to bring the product in less time.”

Xiaomi’s co-founder and CEO Lei Jun himself will lead the project to build the electric wheelchair. The company had earlier said it would invest १० 10 billion over the next decade. The company has stepped into this field by acquiring Deepmotion.

In addition, the company has started hiring 500 engineers for the manufacture of electric vehicles. For this he is in touch with many automakers and executives. According to reports, the Chinese company plans to build an electric vehicle using one of the Great Wall Motor’s factories.

Xiaomi Black Sesame Technology is preparing to invest in a company that develops artificial intelligence chips and systems for this car. Electronic vehicles come with a lot of modern features, including many things. This list includes gadgets, features and drive assistant systems. As such, Xiaomi is moving in the right direction.

Xiaomi is not the only smartphone maker preparing to enter the electric vehicle market. Huawei, Oppo and Apple were also reported to be working on electric vehicles with other makers.

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