The Empire Launched: Shabana Azmi to play important role in The Empire Web Series

It is time for Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mitakshara Kumar to be tested on OTT. Mitakshara is releasing her first web series ‘The Empire’ as an independent director. Kunal Kapoor, who plays Babur in the series, talks about various aspects of his character’s 25-year journey.

Shabana Azmi, who plays Babar’s grandmother Isan Daulat in the series, said the interesting aspect of the story is that kingmakers are usually men in the stories of the princely states. But the catalyst for this story is Isan Daulat who is a boy. Power is handed over to the grandson on his stay. The series marks the digital debut of actress Drishti Dhami and she plays the role of Babur’s sister Khanzada in the series.

Efforts are underway to create an environment for the soon-to-be-released web series ‘The Empire’ on OTT Disney Plus Hotstar. There is a lot of curiosity in a certain section of the society about this story created by the opinion of the international audience. The story of Babur, who laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire in India, from adolescence to the emperor of a region, has so far been read only as written in history books.

Kunal Kapoor says he had to work hard to prepare himself for the role. Because people didn’t know this character till now. This is the story of a physically strong man who is very emotional inside. The journey of this character is the journey of these emotions, how a young respondent quickly becomes a balanced and thoughtful person as he gets older.

Veteran actress Shabana Azmi is playing the role of Babur’s grandmother Isan Daulat in the web series ‘The Empire’. He had all the greed to do this series. One is that he was getting such a majestic character after many days and the other is his dialogue. “I love Urdu and after a long time I got a chance to speak in Urdu in the web series ‘The Empire’,” he said.

How important the role of the female kingmaker is to them. When asked, Shabana says, wherever Kingmaker is mentioned in history, they are usually men, but here I came across a story in which this work is done by a woman. Shabana also said that not only her character but also other female characters in the series have been created very neatly.

The director of the series, Mitakshara Kumar, spoke about the creation of the web series ‘The Empire’ at a virtual press conference on Tuesday. He revealed that he and his producer Nikhil Advani worked hard on the script, location and costumes of the series before the production started.

About the writing process of the series, which was made in about a year and a half, he said that before the shooting started, we had put down everything we needed at the time of shooting. The web series ‘The Empire’ will be released in seven regional languages ​​in India. The Empire is set to release on August 27, 2021.

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