China’s warning to India ?; The practice of capturing the peaks of the Himalayas

On the one hand, the world’s attention is focused on the situation in Afghanistan, while on the other hand, China has continued its military exercises. Chinese troops practiced capturing Himalayan peaks in Tibet. The war games were aimed at alerting India, experts said. Earlier, Indian troops had taken control of the peaks in the Kailash Range after a battle in the Galvan Valley. So China was shocked.

This performance of the Indian soldiers was criticized by the Chinese military officials. He is then said to have emphasized the practice of capturing the summit. The war took place a few days ago. According to the South China Morning Post, the Western Theater Command of the Chinese Army on the border with India rallied its troops and divided them into two groups.

During the two-day and one-night exercise, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) fired artillery at the summits. There were also large-scale firing and electromagnetic attacks. The exercise also included surveillance and espionage of enemy movements. Meanwhile, a group of 12 soldiers climbed up to 6,100 meters. So that the right information for the attack can be collected.

Then the Chinese guns began to hit the right place. It was also practiced to shoot down a drone aircraft during this exercise. Electromagnetic weapons were also used to mislead the drone. A few hours of firing, attacks from helicopters, snipers were used.

A Chinese analyst in Macau said the exercise showed the readiness of troops in Tibet. So, another expert, Zhou Chenming, said there was another group called the Blue Army in the exercise. This group meant the Indian Army. The war was practiced to show that the Chinese military was ready for war.

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