Nokia’s smartphone is coming, great features only at Rs 3,000

Right now mobile phones have become a very necessary thing for all of us. Smartphones can be seen in the hands of everyone from small children to the elderly. Nokia is going to bring such a smartphone. You will be surprised to see the price of this phone compared to its features. Nokia strives for cheaper and better smartphones. Nokia’s Nokia 110 4G smartphone is coming and find out what’s in this phone.

Payment can be made with this smartphone

Right click on the phone and the mobile payment app will open from the phone menu. Then click on the payment code. This allows users to scan any QR code and make a payment. If you are using this feature for the first time on a phone, you will need to scan the code with your phone for binding. Then this place will know how much they can spend in a day.

Will support 4G service

Released in China, the phone supports 4G services from local telecom companies. It also has a dual nano SIM card slot. The feature of voice broadcast is given.

The rest of the features

This Himalayan app already has a feed in this Nokia phone. The user can listen to the radio online. This app facilitates background screen playback. This phone runs on Jingguang Zhanrui T107 processor. It supports 32GB memory card.

Where and how many will get this Nokia smartphone

Currently this smartphone has only been released in China. The smartphone is being sold for 249 yuan (Rs 2,828). The actual price is 269 yuan, or 3,055 rupees.

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