The brutality of the Taliban; Murder of folk singer

An Afghan folk singer has been shot dead by Taliban militants. His family informed on Sunday. Folk singer Fawad Andrabi was killed in Andrabi Valley on Friday. Restrictions on music and art have been imposed since the Taliban seized power.

Jawad, the son of singer Fawad Andrabi, told The Associated Press that the Taliban broke into his house. While having tea, they started sweeping the house. He was taken away from his house. Jawad said the father is innocent. He was just a singer and entertaining people. He was later killed by the Taliban.

The local Taliban council has condemned the killing. He said the culprit concerned would be punished. Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid said the incident would be investigated.

Former Afghan Minister Masood Andrabi tweeted a video on Twitter. The Taliban’s brutality continues and they have killed folk singer Fawad Andrabi.

It is feared that the Taliban will once again create a situation similar to that of 1996. Andrabi Valley is located in the northern Baghlan province, 100 kilometers from Kabul.

The valley has been in turmoil since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. Some districts in the area were under the control of those opposed to the Taliban regime. However, the Taliban say they have retaken those districts. Located in the Hindu Kush Mountains, Panjshir is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. It is still not under Taliban control.

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