LinkedIn shocks professionals! The company will close this feature, see details

LinkedIn is a very popular professional site. Which use many urges. But now, LinkedIn is going to turn off the feature launched a year ago. LinkedIn introduced a feature called ‘Stories’, which was first popularized by Snapchat and then adopted by sites like Instagram. Within a year of the launch of LinkedIn Stories, the company feels that Stories doesn’t have the future it deserves, and so the company has announced that it is closing Stories starting this month.

Liz Lee, senior director of production at LinkedIn, said: “The commercial social network, introduced in February last year, decided to remove this feature after users’ feedback. No. They will reduce the hassle of people posting. You know, you want to create standing videos that tell your business stories more personally and show both your personality and skills. LinkedIn thanks users who used the story feature and shared video content. .

Twitter has also removed features like Stories from the platform

This is not the first time the social media platform has removed the stories feature. In July this year, Twitter discontinued the ‘Fleets’ feature like Stories. Like LinkedIn, Twitter also noticed that users did not respond to short videos as they wanted. Twitter said in a blog post: “We hoped Fleets would help more people engage in conversations on Twitter more easily. The number of new people joining us has increased as expected.”

Working on a feature like LinkedIn Clubhouse

Meanwhile, an online report suggests that LinkedIn is working on a rival to the clubhouse. According to a report from TechCrunch, LinkedIn is developing its own audio networking feature. A statement from TechCrunch

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