Oh no! Virat Kohli and Bobby Deol in Money Heist 5? Got viral on social media

The fifth season of the much awaited webseries ‘MoneyHeist’ on Netflix has just hit the screens. The first five episodes of the fifth season of the webseries were released on September 3. Five more episodes will be released on December 3. Like the Hollywood audience, ‘Money Heist’ was also a curiosity for the Bollywood audience. The audience was looking forward to this season. After the exhibition, ‘Money Heist’ is in huge discussion on social media. But this time the reason is quite different. In the fifth season of ‘Money Heist’, the viewers have seen Virat Kohli and Bobby Deol.

Many older artists have come to the audience this season. Also some new faces are shown. Audiences have made Dhammal memes viral on social media as one of these new faces looks like actor Bobby and Virat. Netizens have shared these memes saying that once again. Fans of ‘Money Heist’ are laughing at the memes. Netizens say that one of the new faces shown this season looks like police officer Bobby and Virat.

Sharing these memes, one netizen wrote, ‘Look, Virat Kohli is also working in MoneyHeist.’ Another user shared a meme and wrote, ‘This is the son of Virat Kohli and Bobby Deol.’ Another netizen wrote, “Virat Kohli is in MoneyHeist and no one has seen him?” Four seasons of ‘Money Heist’ have been screened before. Each season that has been screened has received overwhelming response from the audience. This season is also getting a huge response from the audience.

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