Money Heist’s ‘professor’ in a grocery store in Pakistan, is he planning the next robbery? Photo Viral

The internet and social media have connected the whole world. Also, OTT is a new entertainment gallery available to the world. Many domestic and foreign web series movies can be seen in it and then there is a discussion about it on social media. Some people share photos of their favorite artists, while others share photos of the series like ‘Memes.’

There is a character named ‘Professor’ in the web series ‘Money Heist’ which is a huge hit on the OTT platform Netflix. The professor who plays the lead role in the series is a favorite of many. Meanwhile, a person with a carbon copy of the professor has been found in Pakistan and her photo is going viral on social media. Earlier too, the professor’s looks were compared to many celebrities in India. It also included Virat Kohli, Ayushman Khurana and Varun Dhawan.

The actor playing the original role has grown a beard. Its characteristic is the frame of the spectacles. Also, the body language of the actor is different. All three characters are matched by the person in the photo. His beard and spectacle frames remain the same. The photo was claimed by a person from a grocery store in Pakistan. Therefore, it is jokingly said that the professor of Money Heist is in Pakistan. The fifth season of this world famous series has just been released.

This photo is getting strange reactions from netizens. “Professor’s Pakistan connection,” says one netizen, while another says, “Professor has set up a grocery store in Pakistan.” Another fan writes, “Professor MoneyHeist twin brother has been found in Pakistan.” However, his English name is Money Heist. This photo is going hugely viral and people are enjoying it by reacting to it. Some even say that the professor is planning his next theft.

The Money Heist series is now watched worldwide. Due to the acting done by the actors in it, she is also becoming popular among the masses due to her thrilling story. The fifth season has just aired. The producers will definitely expect the same response as the previous four episodes. Just now we have to see how the audience responds to this episode or season.

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