LinkedIn Dark mode: LinkedIn launches dark mode for both Dekstop and Mobile

Dark Mode fans will enjoy– today, LinkedIn has finally on-boarded the Dark Mode, launching an alternate display option in both its desktop and mobile app.

As you see in the above image the new Dark Mode offers an alternative color palette to the LinkedIn app, which both adds a distinct visual, while also being easier on the eyes in low-light conditions.

While many see them as simply a new skin on the regular UI of their favorite apps, the real purpose of the Dark Mode tool is to limit blue light exposure.

Blue light displays help improve your device’s readability in daylight, but in low light conditions, blue light can cause your brain to stop producing melatonin, which can disrupt sleep cycles, causing falls And it becomes difficult to sleep.

And with so many of us now checking our phones before went to the bed, this is a significant concern – in fact, research shows that since 1985, the percent of adults are increased by 31% who are getting less than six hours sleep in night.

LinkedIn specifically notes that it focused on two important elements with its dark mode option.

Accessibility – Dark Mode meets accessibility standards with color and contrast elements that help reduce eye strain and take into account sensitivity to light. We’ve adjusted some colors within the Dark Mode design to match the color contrast ratio for better text legibility and user interface control, or to adjust the overall light-to-dark background contrast.

Inclusivity – We took this opportunity to introduce Dark Mode versions of our illustrations that complement the Dark Mode experience. These images capture a wide variety of industries and sectors beyond technology and represent professionals of all abilities from the backgrounds that bring our vibrant and diverse LinkedIn community to life.

LinkedIn also notes that this is part of its broader push to make its platform more inclusive and accessible, which also includes improved text scaling processes, optimal device orientation switching and updated page reflow, among other upgrades.

It means all major social apps including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok and Pinterest now have, or are testing, dark mode options.

So if you prefer Darth Vader instead of Luke Skywalker, or if you prefer proper sleep, you now have options in all your favorite social apps.

LinkedIn’s dark mode is rolling out to all users starting today, with no fixed time frame for the full launch.

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