Bitcoin: Google deletes ‘this’ app from Play Store, delete it immediately if it’s in your phone

Google has removed a popular app from its platform. This app is on Google Play Store and many users have downloaded this app for the purpose of making money. People were being deceived by this app. This cryptocurrency linked app is now banned on the Google Play Store. If you also have this app in your phone, delete it immediately.

Users were asked to download the app, saying it could be monetized through cryptocurrency. Interest has grown since Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey began talking publicly about cryptocurrency.

The value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is set to double, according to a report. Bitcoin is currently priced at less than 50,000. However, soon the price is expected to reach 1 million and further 175,000.

As a result, people’s interest in it is increasing. However, it encourages hackers to download adware and malware on smartphones. These hackers claim to pay more for less investment. However, users do not get their money back after investing. People have been deceived by such fake apps.

Security research firm Trend Micro has reported a similar Bitcoin-based fake app. This app was cheating Android smartphone users. The security research firm says in a blog post that an Android app on the Google Play Store is cheating users. The name of this app is ‘Daily Bitcoin Rewards Cloud Based Mining System’. This app used to cheat users by charging a fee of 15 dollar per month.

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