UAE finds effective medicine on corona ?; Serious patient get recover in four days!

Although corona vaccination is one way to prevent coronary artery disease, no concrete drug has yet been found to treat infected patients. However, it is claimed that the drug was discovered in the United Arab Emirates has been reported Successful treatment of coronavirus. The virus is being overcome by people with the use of the antiviral drug Sotrovimab. This new drug is said to cure serious patients.

Saeed Al Ameri, 36, from the United Arab Emirates, told the Khaleej Times that he had symptoms of high fever, headache and body aches during the separation at home. I was then admitted to the ICU at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Hospital. Sotrovimab was given during treatment there. Saeed was discharged within four days, according to Abu Dhabi-based healthcare company Seha. However, his wife and mother later developed severe symptoms of coronary heart disease and needed treatment. They were also given the drug Sotrovimab. Both were sent home from the hospital in four days.

Approval for corona treatment

Al-Ameri has thanked UAE leaders for setting up an effective mechanism to deal with the disease. Another coronary sufferer, Allawi Saleh Ali Mansoori, said that the drug Sotrovimab had a good effect. So in a few days I was healed. The US Food and Drug Administration and the UAE Department of Health have approved Sotrovimab for emergency use.

Death rate expected to drop by 85%

These drugs are said to help reduce the number of hospital admissions. As a result, the number of deaths due to corona can be reduced by 85%

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