Maestro Movie Review: Nithiin Reddy and tamannaah Bhatia Remake

Hero Nithiin Reddy, who entertained this year with ‘Check’ and ‘Rang De’, is all set to rock with the new film. That movie is ‘Maestro’. It is a remake of Bollywood blockbuster film Andhadhun. Merlapaka Gandhi was a director. Nitin’s own production company Shrestha Movies produced the film. The makers released the film on Disney Hot Star as the OTT deal was completed at a time when there was no clarity about the cinema halls. How did Nithiin impress with his role in Hindi as Ayushmann Khurrana as a blind man? Did this suspense thriller impress the audience? Or not? How did Tamannaah first appear in a character with shades of gray? Let’s go through the story first to know things.


Arun (Nithin) from Goa is a pianist. He lies that he lost his eyesight in an accident, even though his eyes were intended to focus on the work he was doing. A blind person behaves as he behaves. Everyone wants to be real. One day Sophie (Nabhantesh) is introduced to Arun. She is in love with Arun. Sangeet also plays the piano like a senior actor Mohan Arun (Vikenares), his wife Simran (Tamanna) gears up for a birthday surprise. So he wants to come to his house and play music in person. Arun goes to Vallinti as per Mohan’s wish. If Mohan goes there and sees Mohan, he will die. Everyone thinks that Arun’s eyes are closed. But who killed Mohan? Why was he killed? Arun takes care of the issues. Happens then. What kind of plan did Simran have? What kind of situation does Arun face upon seeing the murder? What will happen to Simran in the end? You have to watch a movie to know things.


Carrying the soul into the original story is important during the remake. If we go into the details of how the makers of the show did it when Maari Andhadun remade as Ustad.. we have to say about the protagonist Nithin first. Hero means not only mass and commercial films but also one of the films made by Nitin Different. This is a film that will be a plus for you as an actor. Tamannaah played a character like another main pillar for the film. Tamannaah, who has been lauded as a heroine till now, made her debut in the role of Shades of Grey. He cannot be compared to any taboo character in Hindi but .. he connected the character to the audience with his gestures. Nabhantesh also did justice to his role as the heroine. Vikenares who is a senior, who plays Tamanna’s secret boyfriend Jissusen Gupta, features the unique Nagalla daughter of Naresh, who is the Srimukhi wife who played a pivotal role in the second half, Rakaravi, Harshvardhan to do justice to their respective roles. asked for.

Director Merlapaka Gandhi has succeeded in taking the film forward so that it can connect with Telugu people without spoiling the matrix. There were no minor changes compared to the matrix. Rather than losing hold of the original, Merlapaka Gandhi managed to mix the lyrics and direct the story. Narratively simple dialogues are literal. J. Yuvraj’s cinematography was the main strength of the film. Each frame seemed rich. Unlike the lyrics provided by Mahti Swarsagar.. the lyrics are fine and the rest of the lyrics are not that impressive. Background score is good. Audiences who watch Andhadhun movie in Hindi like the movie well. But for those who haven’t seen it, no doubt the movie looks good


Star Performance

It’s a hard job. Even if you don’t think about the existence of the original, the characters are a big challenge in themselves. The fact that Ayushmann, Radhika and Tabu first blew up life and with all their superpowers made it for new actors like walking on a double-edged sword for.

Nithiin as Arun tries his best not to fall into the trap of playing a blind person on screen. While he’s certainly wonderful when he’s completely blind, the real trouble comes when he’s acting blind. Ayushmann Khurrana in his version was such a treat as he swapped multiple expressions in a single frame. Nithin level is low in that department.

Tamannaah Bhatia has the toughest job to do here. Fitting into Tabu’s shoes is no joke, and she understands it. The actor tries to replicate the magic but then can there be another Tabu? No, Tamannaah shines when she has to be clever in her own way, but the character is that of OG Simmi.

Nabha Natesh who already has a small part, has been reduced to a cameo and nothing more. I wish he had more than that. Same is the case with Jisshu Sengupta who does a great job, but doesn’t get much.


Merlapaka Gandhi seems to know that he cannot change much of the mastery that Sriram Raghavan has achieved. So he sticks to the original almost the entire time. But what it lacks is wildness.

The magic in Andhadhun lies in its wild nature. Everything unexpected, and random. Even the most complex sequences looked like they were done all of a sudden. The master misses that point here. Almost everything seems to be choreographed. The fact that you know the story and have seen it better makes it worse.

Mahati Swara Sagar’s music could have been a great album if released independently. But for a film that relies heavily on its music, it doesn’t do it justice. However, the background theme on the piano is haunting.


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