Virat Kohli Resigned as RCB Captain big shock to Virat Kohli’s fans watch video

Virat Kohli had resigned as captain of the Indian Twenty20 team a few days back. But now Virat has left the captaincy of another team.

Virat Kohli will no longer captain the RCB team in the IPL. This will be Virat Kohli’s last season as RCB captain. RCB tweeted this information. Virat has never won a RCB title. That is why Virat is said to have taken this decision. All of this could have a huge impact on Virat’s career. Because leaving the captaincy of the two teams in a few days, Virat’s brand value may now decrease. So Virat could be in for a big shock now. Therefore, this decision taken by Virat may come at a good price. So now everyone will pay attention to what Virat will do next. Because in the next few days, Virat will only captain India’s ODI and Test teams. So now everyone will be curious about how Virat does justice to these two captains. So now everyone will be watching Virat’s performance after the IPL and the Twenty20 World Cup.

India had lost to New Zealand in the final of the World Cup. The players had told the BCCI that Kohli had lost control of himself after the defeat. After the defeat, the Indian players told the BCCI, “Virat was very angry after the loss to New Zealand. He was not communicating well with the players at the time. So Kohli started losing his dignity as a captain because he was not listening to anyone at the time. The limit was also crossed and at the same time Virat was out of the minds of the players, after which the Indian players knocked on the door of the BCCI and complained about his behavior.

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