The hot and bold look of this well-known South actress

The southern film industry has always produced many beautiful actresses in the Indian film industry and it is the only industry that is constantly adding new actresses. I mean, you see very few actresses who have held their own for so long. The present age is that of Rashmika Mandhana and Rashi Khanna. Yes Rashi Khanna is currently known as the sweetest actress in South Industry.

What is different about her beauty is heavenly. Many young women today follow her only for her flawless skin and also want to have skin like hers. But what exactly does Rashi use? How does she take care of her skin? Let’s find out.

Although Rashi is a modern day actress, she believes in home remedies to treat her skin. This is the reason why you will not see much makeup on her face. She is ready to apply makeup only if she needs a roll. Otherwise she shines on the screen even with simple makeup or sometimes in a no makeup look. According to her, makeup containing chemicals closes the skin pores and causes many kinds of damage.

Effective remedy for pimples

You may be surprised to hear but it is true that even the Rashi has to deal with pimples. But since she has a clever way to overcome it, she doesn’t take much tension from pimples. To remove pimples, Rashi cuts a fresh papaya and puts it on the pimple. For a while, the ointment stays on, and then you wash your face with cold water. According to Rashi, pimples go away in a day.

Rashi did not get her skin easily and she still has to work hard to maintain her beauty. When she has to pay close attention to everything, her skin does not lose its glow. Healthy diet and regular yoga are the two main ingredients that keep skin perfect. Not only Rashi but all the actresses follow these two things. Because it also maintains fitness and gives beautiful skin.

Use of Multani soil

Rashi uses Multani clay to treat your skin. She has revealed in many interviews that she gets a lot of benefits from this. Multani mud is a traditional remedy that has been used by women especially in Asian countries for a long time so you can also use Multani mud for the benefit of your skin. If your skin is dry, you will not see much benefit. Multani soil works great on oily and combination skin.

Consumption of aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice is Zodiac’s favorite drink. Are you surprised Or how can this drink be in the favera? So it happened that even in the past, aloe vera juice said that the nose used to be stuffy. But for her own skin, she slowly started consuming it and seeing the difference she noticed, she decided to drink aloe vera juice regularly. Rashi drinks aloe vera juice for flawless skin. This causes a glow on the face. Rashi also takes great care of her eating and drinking and especially stays away from junk food. Zodiac is of the firm opinion that such unhealthy items can have bad effects on the body and especially on the skin. She emphasizes eating more and more fruits and vegetables.

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