While going on stage Priyanka Chopra Saree Released 5 times, Bold images got viral

Priyanka Chopra’s photographs for Miss India (Miss India Priyanka Chopra) were sent by her mother Madhu Chopra. When Priyanka found out that her mother had done this, she too was shocked. But what happened next changed her life. At just 18 years old, Priyanka was crowned Miss India. But of course she didn’t know much about skin care or hair care at this young age. So she had to face many problems.

But the solution to this problem was also given to her by her mother and using many tips from her mother, Priyanka revealed her beauty more and never looked back. His mother Priyanka is always grateful for this support. She admits that I am here because I am a mother.

Today, Priyanka is a world star. She is always asked questions about her beauty tips. She never advises using chemicals. She always gives real and practical tips. Even in global interviews, she admits that she prefers to use only home remedies for her skin. She urges today’s young generation to use similar measures.

Recalling the early days of her journey in Show Biz during a TV show, Priyanka said that before becoming Miss India, she had no experience of walking in sarees and hills. In the beginning of her journey in the glamor world, before winning as Miss India, when she first wanted to come on stage wearing a sari, she had set the sari 5 times. I mean, on the way to the stage, her sari slipped 5 times and after this, she became very uncomfortable and after that she was very uncomfortable for a long time thinking about how we look, everything is fine or not.

Priyanka Chopra had completed her high school education from London. But this time she has to deal with bullying. One of Priyanka’s batch mates used to tease her using brownie or other insults due to her skin tone. All this has had a profound effect on her mind since the age of 15. It was not possible for her to live in such a bad condition, so she returned to India. Priyanka considers this a destiny call. Because her journey to become Miss India started only after she came to India.

Priyanka says that one thing is more important than dress and makeup to look beautiful and that thing is your confidence. No matter what you wear, no matter what you look like, how you look will determine your confidence. Because there is no more beautiful accessory than confidence. This is why Priyanka tries to be as confident as possible every day. She says that the moment she won the Miss India crown gave her a lot of confidence and that confidence is still in her mind today and it will never diminish.

What is the beauty secret of skin?

You may have wondered what is the secret of the beautiful skin that adorns every look of Priyanka Chopra. So the secret of this glossy skin of Mandali Priyanka is not any expensive product but the home remedies taught to her by her mother. Even today, Priyanka relies heavily on home remedies for skin care and hair care. She uses aloe vera gel and coconut oil to keep the skin glowing. To brighten the skin, she uses a face pack made from gram flour, turmeric and rose water.

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