This ‘Made in India’ Apps competes with WhatsApp Facebook and Twitter see the details

Chinese mobile app banned in India in 2020 Since then, a large number of Indian mobile apps have been launched. It is being used well. Recently, Madam in India mobile app Bharatam has been launched to compete with Facebook. Today we are informing you about some selected Indian apps available on Google Play Store here. These apps can be an alternative to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, Learn Details.



The Bharatam app has been launched in a collision with Facebook. Trending hashtags can be seen in this app. You can also share posts as per your account in this app. In addition, the app will have features like Explore, Popular Post. The main feature of Bharatam app is that it has the facility to make friends according to location.

Currently, millions of users have been added to the Koo mobile app. It includes everything from leaders to actors. In this app, users can tweet just like Twitter. The app has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store. Its size is 23 MB.


The size of the messaging app is 31 MB. The app has a 4.3 rating on the Google Play Store. The messaging app is similar to WhatsApp. It will have features like end-to-end encryption, contact sharing, message styling, group chatting, video and voice calling.

The Call of Duty and BGMI games are getting a strong impact from the FAU-G game. The military game is working on Android 8 and above. In this you will get deathmatch mode from single player. This game is based on the forest of Galvan Valley. The size of this game is 124 MB.

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