The brutality of the Taliban, the journalist was killed and the body was hang on a crane

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have crossed all limits of brutality by killing a journalist and hanging his body on a crane. According to information received, journalist Honor Ahmed was killed and his body was hung in the main square of Herat city. A large crowd of people had also gathered here to see the bodies. Eyewitnesses said Taliban fighters brought four bodies to the city’s main square in western Afghanistan. One body was hung here, while three bodies were taken to another place. (The brutality of the Taliban, the journalist was killed and the body was hung on a crane)

According to media reports, the Taliban had brought four bodies to the crossroads. He said all of them were caught during the abduction attempt and then beaten by police. The Taliban has not yet commented officially on the killings and executions. But this incident shows that this human rights organization has once again started enforcing its old rules of cruelty.

Hands and feet began to be punished

A day earlier, Taliban leader Mullah Nooruddin Turabi had said that the Taliban government would once again publicly hang people and amputate their limbs. Turabi is to blame for the strict enforcement of Sharia law during the previous Taliban regime (1996-2001). The ministry concerned with such punishment has been re-established. Under the same ministry, the Taliban had ordered brutal killings in previous regimes.

What punishment for which crime?

A Taliban official recently said his government would punish people “according to Islamic law.” An official named Mohammad Yusuf said that if someone killed someone on purpose, the person would be killed, but if the killing was not intentional, there could be other types of punishment (punishment under the Taliban regime). Yusuf said thieves would have their hands cut off, while those who had “illegal intercourse” would be flogged.

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