Business Opportunity: How to Start Charging Station for Electric vehicles

In India, fuel prices are skyrocketing, petrol is in the hundreds and diesel is in the hundreds, which is why people can no longer afford cars. Various concessions are also being given by the government to promote electric vehicles, registration fee on electric vehicles has been waived. Auto companies are also focusing on electric vehicles. That is why there is a new opportunity to earn money by setting up charging stations in India.

A company called EVRE is taking the lead in this, and is preparing to build an electric charging station in India. The company plans to open 10,000 charging stations across the country in the next 2 years. For this, she has also signed a contract with Park Plus, a parking service provider. Which will allow charging stations to be set up near roads across the country.

EVRE says the company will build EV charging infrastructure. The company will be responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and operation, while Park Plus will provide the space.

Training required to start charging station

The government is trying to set up charging stations across the country, for which a plan has been drawn up, in which training is being imparted by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). In the training you will be given all the information about the charging station. Not only this, technical work will also be taught.

The training will give you all the information about charging technology, solar power electric vehicle technology, infrastructure, its trade, solar PV charging connectivity loads, electric tariff. In this training you get all the information about this business. After that you can start earning by starting a charging station.

Many rules about charging stations

The policy commission has issued rules on electric vehicles to state governments. A handbook has been provided for this. It says a lot about starting a charging station. Policies issued by the Commission, Ministry of Power, Ministry of Science.

India’s goal is to have 70 per cent commercial cars and 30 per cent private cars electric by the end of this decade, by 2030. So 40 percent bus and 80 percent two wheeler should be three wheeler electric

How to start a charging station?

Many EV companies will give you a franchise to open a charging station. You can start a charging station by taking franchises from these companies. According to one estimate, starting a charging station can cost up to Rs 4 lakh.

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