Crypto Currency mining: Brother and Sister earning thousands of dollar by Cryptocurrency mining

Just seven months ago an Indian-American brother and sister started cryptocurrency mining as a hobby and today Ishaan, 14, and Anya, 9, are making around $30,000 a month from cryptocurrency mining. . Seeing their earnings, both of them have set a goal that by saving it, they will spend their college education themselves.

Where did he get this idea, Ishaan said on NDTV’s question that ‘In February I heard that the market of bitcoin and cryptocurrency is increasing. I wanted to invest in this but I didn’t have enough money to buy crypto coins, so instead of buying I decided why not buy the necessary equipment and start earning it. And now after coming this far, I am very proud of it.

US-based siblings Ishaan and Aanya

Asked how 9-year-old Anya got interested in this, Anya said that ‘We both came up with this idea together. When Ishaan thought about it, I got interested in it too. I helped my brother in mining and buying the necessary equipment.

It is said that cryptocurrency mining is not a child’s play. So were both of them scared before doing it? Ishaan says ‘No. Actually, if you want to understand mining, then watch a lot of YouTube tutorials, read articles, I also started like this. Those who have trouble with numbers will need graphic cards, software etc.

Ishan further says, ‘Cryptocurrency is like any other currency… it works the same way as the dollar does. You can use it to buy things, it works the same way.

Both want to spend their earning money in the right place. He says that ‘we want to spend this money on our college education.’ Anya wants to become a doctor by studying at Cornell University.

Ishaan describes this entire phase as a ‘learning experience’. He remembers that ‘we were not earning anything in the beginning. He could make only 3 dollars in a month. I turned my gaming computer into a mining computer. But slowly I started meditating on it and I got better. Today I am making $35,000 a month. I am proud of it.’

Ishaan said that ‘Even when I was earning 3 dollars a month, I used to feel so proud because I used to believe that this is not a thing to make money, but a thing to learn now. This is my favorite part in this whole business.

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