Netflix entered in Gaming industry launched five new mobile games

Good news for those who love gaming. Netflix has launched five new mobile games. New games have been launched in the European market. In addition, the company is preparing to enter the mobile gaming market. This is Netflix’s attempt to increase production.

In addition to launching these five games, Netflix has also acquired video game maker Night School Studios for future projects. This is the first time the company has bought another company in this way. This clearly shows the purpose of the company

What is a night school studio?

Night School Studio is an American video game developer. It started in 2014. The company is known for auxinfree, a supernatural thriller game. Studio games are already available on Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch and computers.
Games have been introduced by Night School Studios under the Netflix membership. This means that these games can be played for free without any charge to Netflix subscribers. These next games from Night School Studios will also be available on Netflix.

Games available in European countries include Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Titter Up and Shooting Hoops. These games are available for users in Spain and Italy. So two Stranger Things games have been launched in Poland.
According to reports, these games will not work on the app like regular Netflix shows. Users will be redirected directly to the Google Play Store after clicking on any game. Games have to be downloaded and installed from here. Once the game is installed, it can be accessed through the Netflix app.
According to Netflix, the exclusive games collection will work with developers around the world. It will be important to see what Netflix brings to the games segment.

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