Met Gala 2021: Everyone was shocked after seen this moment of Lourdes Leon

The Met Gala 2021 is an event in the fashion world that is in the news every year because of the intricacies. Whether it’s the clothes worn at the event or some of the weird things that are always a topic of discussion. This year, there are a number of things that are currently being discussed around the world.

One of the many things that is currently trending. Let’s find out now! It so happened that Lourdes Leon, the daughter of Hollywood pop queen Madonna, also attended the event. The 24-year-old model first caught everyone’s attention when she stepped on the red carpet.

More photos went viral of what she did later. As soon as she came in front of the camera, she raised her hand and saw the unshaven hair in her armpit. All of these photos went viral around the world.

Lourdes Leon attended the first Met Gala in 2021. For that, she chose the luxury label Moschino. This company created an abandoned custom dress for Lord’s Leon. She was wearing a bralet style blouse in a bright pink studded gown. So the skirt looked designed in pleats like sarees. Lourdes Leon also wore a crystal on her navel with a floor length gown.

Madonna’s daughter, who is stepping into the modeling world, gave a pose of excitement as soon as she came in front of the camera. At the same time, she raised her hand and also show-off her armpit hair. She was so carefree that she didn’t even try to hide her hair. Instead, she showed it to everyone. However, after this, some people praised her for her boldness and boldness, while others made fun of her. For some reason, the Met Gala event was named after Lord’s Leon.

Finding the answer to the question why Lourdes Leon did this, we find that her mother Madonna did the same thing. So she is more likely to be inspired by her mother. Because the feeling that we can do the same if the mother does it is not wrong in a girl’s mind. When the photos went viral on social media, everyone thought so. Her pose and unique outlook were similar to Madonna’s.

While many praised her innocence when the photos went viral, many also criticized her a lot. Many did not like her doing so publicly. Because having hair in a woman’s armpits is not considered a sign of beauty. So many did not like what Lourdes Leon did. Many people have given negative comments on these photos saying that they do not like the female caste.

Although this is bad for the society, everyone has the right to decide how to live, how to live, how to present themselves. So even if what Lourdes Leon does is bad in the eyes of others, it doesn’t make it bad. Lourdes Leon didn’t feel anything while doing that, on the contrary there was a kind of innocence on her face. So it’s not bad for her to do something different. Of course, she knows the consequences. It’s her life so she should be respected for what she did.

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