Indian Bank New Rules: From yesterday these important rules was change

The rules regarding digital life certificates was changed from October 1. Retirees who are 80 years of age or older can submit life certificates at all major post offices in the country.

Many of the bank’s rules was change from October 1 today. This change can also affect the consumer’s pocket. In such a situation, it is very important for you to know what the rules of the bank was change. If the customers are aware of these rules, they will not have to face any problem in the bank. So let’s find out exactly what rules was changed from yesterday.

Pension rules will change

The rules relating to digital life certificates was change from 1 October. Now all the elderly retirees in the country who are 80 years of age or above can submit their life certificates at all the major post offices in the country. Elderly retirees will have to submit a digital life certificate at the life support center of the main post office. The seniors have been given time till November 30 for this work.

The work of submitting life certificates for the elderly will start from October through the post office. The Indian Postal Department has been instructed to activate the Jeevan Pradan Kendra ID in time so that the elderly retirees do not face any problem in any way.

Old checkbooks will be closed in these banks

From October 1, the checkbooks and MICR codes of the three banks will automatically become invalid. The three banks are United Bank of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce and Allahabad Bank. These banks have recently merged with other banks. The merger has changed the account number, IFSC and MICR code of the account holder. For this reason, from 1 October 2021 the banking system was rejected old checkbooks.

Auto debit rules was change

The new RBI new measures for auto debit from credit / debit cards are being implemented from October 1. As per this rule, auto debit will not take place without the approval of the customer.

Under the new rules, effective October 1, 2021, the bank will have to notify customers 24 hours in advance for any auto debit payment. Money will be debited from the customer’s account only after confirmation. This notification will also be sent to the customer via SMS or e-mail.

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