Telegram 70 million new users in one day because of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down. 

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram services across the world went down for a few hours on Monday, affecting many areas. Meanwhile, the messaging app Telegram has benefited greatly.

More than 70 million new users were added during the disruption of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram services, founder Pavel Durov said on Tuesday. Because, it connected people around the world for almost six hours without main messaging services.

The disruption has affected 3.5 billion users using services such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, Facebook said.

“Telegram’s daily growth rate is excessive and we’ve added 70 million new users from other platforms in a single day,” Durov said. Durov said some users in the United States were getting lower speeds.

Because, all of a sudden millions of people had crowded in to sign up at the same time. But, this service was working as usual for the majority of people.

Margaret Westeger, head of the EU’s antitrust, said the outage had resulted in reliance on some big players and also underscored the need for more competitors.

Russia said the incident highlighted the need for Moscow to develop its own sovereign Internet platform and social network.

Disrupted service for six hours

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were all over the world. Twitter was jammed for about a quarter of an hour. WhatsApp began crashing at 9.30pm on Monday. After refreshing, it was found that the information was not updated. Users complained of being down.

So a message has been written for the users on the Facebook website. “Facebook is being blocked for some reason. We are working on it and will fix the issue as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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