America Big Decision: First time discussion with Taliban

The United States is set to hold talks with the Taliban after withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. This will be the first meeting since the withdrawal of US troops and the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

The US State Department has said it will hold talks between the US delegation and Taliban leaders in Doha on Saturday and Sunday. This meeting has caught the attention of many.

The visit between the US and the Taliban is likely to put pressure on the US to ensure the safety of American citizens.

In addition, the Taliban will be pressured on the issue of women’s rights and the agreement not to allow Afghan land to be used against other countries.

The US State Department also said that the issue of recognizing the Taliban would not be on the agenda. Officials said the Taliban government would be recognized on the basis of its work.

A State Department official said the main topic of the meeting was to plan for the safe repatriation of Americans and other foreign nationals currently stranded in Afghanistan. The US delegation will place more emphasis on this issue.

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