Space trip: 12 days movie shooting in space; 2 directors and actress returned safely on earth

An astronaut and two Russian filmmakers return safely to Earth from the space station. The Soyuz spacecraft reached Earth three and a half hours after it took off from the International Space Center.

After entering Earth’s atmosphere, the spacecraft landed in Kazakhstan on Sunday with the help of a parachute at 4:35 pm international time. The rocket took off from the International Space Center at 1:15 pm international time on Sunday. Oleg Novitsky, Yulia Peresild and Klim Shipenko were on board this rocket.

Actress Peresild and film director Shipenko arrived at the space center on October 5 to shoot portions of the film titled Challenge and stayed there for 12 days.

Peresild, who plays a surgeon in the film, has to go to the space station to rescue a crew member who needs an urgent operation while in orbit. Nowitzki, who spent more than six months in the space station, plays a sick astronaut in the film.

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