Top 5 Superhit Webseries; check it out if you have missed any of these

Digital platforms have spread their feet in the country very fast in the last few years. In the Corona period, it has got its wings. However, even after the reduction of Corona, people are shying away from watching the film in the theater.

Now the first choice of people is to enjoy OTT sitting at home. Every day something new is being telecasted on OTT so that there is no dearth of entertainment for the audience. If you too are getting bored sitting at home, then you have the cure for your boredom.

We show you a small way and for this you just need to lift your mobile. We are telling you five such web series which are not only long but are perfect to remove your boredom and you can watch it on your mobile.

Money heist

Netflix’s superhit Spanish crime thriller web series Money Heist tops the people’s favorite list. The series remained trending for several days after its release.

Squid games

Netflix’s web series is also at number two. Korea’s deadliest sports thriller Squid Games, which is being streamed on Netflix, is also currently dominated on OTT. Squid Games remains at number one in 90 countries. It has been shown that neither all the rich are happy nor all the poor are happy in the world.

The rich are getting people killed for their own pleasure. They just wanted money, whether they had to kill someone or die themselves. Meanwhile, greed played an important role, due to which people started killing each other.


Mindhunter is an American psychological crime-based web series created by Penhall. This series is based on the true incident book Mindhunter. Mindhunter is one of the most popular web series in the world. You can watch it on Netflix.

Mumbai diaries

Mumbai Diaries, which is being streamed on Amazon Prime Video, is also being seen a lot these days. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.

Kota Factory 2

People are also liking the second season of Kota Factory. Jeetu Bhaiya’s acting in the show being streamed on Netflix has won Shabi’s heart. In this, an attempt has been made to beautifully portray the story of the pressure and struggle of the students in the coaching hub.

If you will watch the second season of the show, then you must have seen the first season before that because the story of this season starts from where the first one ended.

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