India VS Pakistan T20: If India will not play with Pakistan; indian team have to face four shocking Results

T20 World Cup has started. The fans are waiting the most for the Super-12 match between India and Pakistan to be held on October 24. However, after the earlier terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir, the opinion of the people of India has been divided into two parts. Some fans believe that this match should be made.

At the same time, some fans want the Board of Control for Cricket in India to cancel this match, whatever the result. A war has broken out on social media regarding this. The fans who do not want the match believe that we can give a befitting reply to them by playing a match against Pakistan, the terrorist country that killed Indian citizens and soldiers.

Actually, terrorists have killed 11 people in Kashmir in the last 10 days. In such a situation, there is a lot of anger among crores of Indians regarding these killings. A large section of the country is demanding not to play the match against Pakistan. In such a situation, we are telling you that if India refuses to play the match against Pakistan, then what can be the difference in the World Cup.

1. Pakistan will get points easily

If India refuses to play, Pakistan will get two points. Also India will not get any points. After the Super-12 round, only the top-2 teams from the two groups will advance to the semi-finals. In such a situation, it will be difficult for India to move forward. Apart from Pakistan, there are two more strong teams in India’s group. This includes the teams of New Zealand and Afghanistan.

2. ICC may ban India

If the Indian team does not play the match against Pakistan, then along with losing points, the Indian team can also be banned. This ban can be imposed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing council of cricket. Along with this, the ICC can also impose a monetary fine on India. In such a situation, despite being a strong body, BCCI will not be able to do anything.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of tournaments

The board certainly wouldn’t want an India-Pakistan match to happen. The board earns several crores from this match and its promotion only. Especially considering that BCCI is organizing the event itself, India’s non-playing could take a toll on the popularity of the tournament.

4. What will happen if there is a final or semi-final match?

Let us assume for once that India does not play against Pakistan. Even after this the team reaches the semi-finals. If India’s match with Pakistan gets stuck in the semi-final or the final itself, then what will the BCCI do in that situation? In such a situation, Pakistan will be declared the winner if India withdraws. Which will be a matter of shame for India.

Biggest slap to beat by playing

If India plays this match and beats Pakistan, it will be the biggest slap on the face of Pakistan. Canceling the match will give Pakistan a chance to celebrate and that is what the Pakistan team wants. The figures are also in favor of India. There have been five matches between the two in the T20 World Cup and India has won all these matches.

Relations deteriorated after Mumbai attack

India has not visited Pakistan since the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. At the same time, this relationship worsened after the continuous violation of ceasefire along the Line of Control and the Pulwama attack in February 2019. No Test series has been played between the two teams since 2007-08. It is only through ICC tournaments that India and Pakistan have come face to face.

Not a single bilateral series in the last nine years

The result of the terrorist attack and ceasefire violation was that India and Pakistan have not played a single bilateral series in the last nine years. The last T20 and ODI series between the two were played in December 2012. The T20 series was drawn 1-1, while the ODI series was won by Pakistan 2-1.

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