Amazon in trouble; US lawmaker gave last chance to present evidence to the company

US lawmakers have raised questions on Amazon, a company accused of doing business by adopting unfair means and creating a private brand by copying other companies. The bipartisan committee of lawmakers says former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and other top executives lied and misled the Congressional committee.

The committee members cited recent media reports that they suspect the testimony of senior Amazon executives that the company does not copy any other company’s products to grow its business.

MPs wrote letter to Amazon

The Committee of Parliamentarians has also written a letter to the company’s CEO Andy Jesse regarding this. In this, he has said that Amazon’s delegation has misled the committee of MPs. The delegation has violated the law.

US lawmakers gave last chance

The committee of US lawmakers has said in its letter that Amazon is being given the last chance to corroborate its previous testimony, statements and present evidence. The company had said in previous testimony that Amazon does not use any third company’s data for its brand. The letter cited statements from the company’s founder Jeff Bezos, Associate General Counsel Nat Sutton, lawyer David Japolsky and Vice President Brian in 2019 and 2020.

Amazon defends

A company spokesperson in his statement has defended the earlier testimonies. He has said that the delegation has not misled the committee. Amazon does not use any other company’s data for its personal products

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