WhatsApp end to end encrypted; Then how the Aryan Khan-Ananya Pandey discussion leaked, see how

The social media platform and messaging app WhatsApp is used worldwide. The biggest reason for its popularity is its security and privacy features. The company claims that users’ chats are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be read by any third party. However, despite this, how have the chats of Bollywood stars been leaked in the last few months? What exactly is the reason behind this?

According to WhatsApp, this feature allows no third party to read chats except the sender and receiver. WhatsApp itself may not even feel like a chat. This feature keeps chats secure.
In the last one and a half years, the chats of Bollywood actors have been leaked frequently and they have been called for questioning. Earlier, some chats related to Riya Chakraborty were leaked. Actress Deepika Padukone was also summoned by the NCB for questioning. At the time, some reports said he had a chat with a drug dealer.

Now, actress Ananya Pandey was summoned by the NCB through chats in Aryan Khan’s Grugs case and the information of WhatsApp chats also came to light during the interrogation.

How chats are happening despite end-to-end encryption
Chats are impossible to leak even with end-to-end encryption. So the big question is how the chats are leaked. In general, these chats are not leaked, but are accessed. Chats are viewed from WhatsApp by unlocking the phone to access the chats.
India does not have strict laws in this regard. In a country like the US, government officials need a warrant if they want to see anyone’s chats.

Chats can be easily viewed if the phone is in the hands of an officer. If necessary, the authorities can request Google or Apple for these chats, along with a code order. WhatsApp can provide basic account information after permission and review.
Meanwhile, end-to-end encryption makes users’ chats completely secure. However, in government cases, chats can be easily accessed.

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