6 best mobile games with fantastic graphics that will run on mid-range phones

We are here to tell you about other mobile games that you can play on your mid-range Android smartphone.

Free Fire Max

Free Fire in India is generally played on budget and mid-range smartphones. But since this game is not graphics-heavy, it is not able to utilize the full power of even mid-range devices. For this, the game developers introduced the enhanced version of this mobile game Free Fire Max, which offers better graphics along with some extra features.

Call of Duty: Mobile – The name of Call of Duty is very old in the gaming industry. After making a name for gaming consoles and PC, Activision launched the mobile version of this game which became a hit as soon as it was launched. The graphics of this game leave behind PUBG and all other battle royale games. You can play it comfortably even on mid-range phones.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – After PUBG Mobile was banned in India, Crafton launched its Indian version Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The game also got record-breaking download numbers as soon as it was launched. There are only a few things difference between BGMI and PUBG Mobile, from the graphics to the gameplay and maps are all the same in the rest of the two games. This game also runs smoothly on mid-range devices.

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS – As the name suggests, this is a first-person shooter game. Here you will find many more gaming modes including Team Deathmatch. The game’s controls and graphics are pretty much the same as Free Fire Max, and there are also in-game items and skins.

Hopeless land: Fight for Survival – This game looks exactly like Free Fire. The game has tons of modes, tons of vehicles and a variety of weapons. This mobile game lags behind Free Fire in terms of graphics and resembles a clone of PUBG. But for the time being it can entertain you.

Battlelands Royale – As the name suggests, Battle-Land Royale is a battle royale game. It has arcade-game-like graphics that might not appeal to everyone. The game focuses more on the fun aspect rather than realism like PUBG or Call of Duty.

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