Coronavirus India: Nine months old situation, delta plus increased 11 times in 55 days

Exactly nine months later, again the situation of a spurt in the transition between the festival and the election environment has started. In the last one week, wherever the crowd gathered, cases of infection have started increasing. The infection that came out of the Northeast and Kerala is now visible in West Bengal, Assam and Himachal Pradesh.

Although political agitations have intensified regarding the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, but the effect of the transition has not been found here. But the team of Indian scientists has warned that there is no new mutation in the virus. However, the delta variant that caused the second wave has not disappeared.

Delta variant still present, because of this the second wave came
Scientists said, everyone is becoming a part of the crowd as before, but in the last 55 days, the delta variant has doubled and the cases of the delta plus variant have increased 11 times. These have been confirmed through genome sequencing.

Critical and lethal variants still present
According to the latest report of Insacog, till August 30, only 15,000 samples were found infected with the delta variant in the country, but by October 11, their number has increased to 26043. The number of Delta One and Kappa variants has increased to 5449. At the same time, viruses of the AY series, which originated from the delta variant, have increased from 393 to 4737 samples.

Seven cases of new delta variant AY.4.2 in Indore
Seven cases of new mutant AY.4.2 of the delta variant of corona virus have been found in Indore. Their numbers are small, but they are being monitored. This information has been given in the Genome Sequencing Report by the National Center of Disease Control. This mutant was found in the UK. Among the infected are two military officers of Mau Cantonment. Their samples were taken in September. Due to concerns raised about the new virus mutant, it has been kept in the variant under investigation category.

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