Facebook Report Revealed: Facebook has become a medium of spreading violence and fraud information in India

In India, Facebook has become a medium for spreading fraud, misinformation and violence. This has been revealed in an internal report of the company. India is the world’s biggest market for it, but its steps to rectify the flaws are nothing more than a mere experiment at the cost of people’s lives.

These misleading posts are having an adverse effect on the whole of India and the election process as well. How to get rid of these flaws? He himself does not even know all this. Even to rectify these deteriorating conditions himself, he did not even employ the proper number of staff or resources and he considers it useless to spend money for this.

The document titled ‘India a Case Study’, a hostile and harmful network, has been prepared by the researchers of the company itself. According to this, many such groups and pages are running on Facebook, which are working against Muslims and weaker sections of Indian society.

This report giving information about the illegal actions of Facebook has been prepared by its former employee Frances Heughan along with many important documents of Facebook.

Even after the 2019 general elections, a similar report on India confirmed the spread of false news and spoiling the system by Facebook. According to him, 40 percent of the views of the most viewed content in West Bengal were fake. At the same time, an account with access to 3 crore Indians was found unauthorized.

In the new report, an employee said that in February 2019, he created a Facebook account posing as a resident of Kerala and ran it for the next three weeks.

The content presented by Facebook’s algorithm, the recommendations for joining new pages and groups, they were read, viewed and accepted.
As a result, it was confronted with an influx of hateful and violent celebratory material and false information.

According to an inside report of Facebook, it does not have enough resources for its biggest market India, nor does it want to spend it, so that it can solve the problem of spreading lies, misleading news and violence by itself.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone claims that the company has reduced hate content by 50 percent this year, and believes that its platform is fueling hatred against underprivileged communities and Muslims in India.

Katie Herbath, Facebook’s director of public policy for 10 years, admits that Facebook has scarce resources, but adds that problems can’t be solved by throwing money at them. He has no idea how it will turn out.

According to the document, Zuckerberg took steps to keep his platform focused on “meaningful social dialogue”. But through them only false news and information were spread about India. Even the corona pandemic was not spared.

Facebook termed the content posted on its platform by Bajrang Dal as against Muslims. He was going to declare it a ‘dangerous organization’ for inciting religious violence. However, it has not been able to do so yet.

The report said that there are 22 official languages ​​in India, but Facebook’s algorithm is able to monitor only 5 languages. So it has failed to contain the inflammatory material in proper quantity. He has not been able to stop many fake accounts associated with political parties, spreading confusion on the election process and even material against voters.

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