Coronavirus Danger! These two new variants have increased the concern, lockdown in china

According to reports, due to the recently revealed two variants of Corona, the situation has started getting worse again in many countries including China. According to recent reports, after the new variant AY.4.2 of Corona came to light in India too, the stir has increased. On Tuesday, the Union Health Minister has also expressed concern about this variant. Let us know about these two variants in the next slides.

Corona’s new variant AY.4.2 raised concerns
Recently, the new variant AY.4.2 of Corona that appeared in India has raised concerns. Addressing reporters on Tuesday, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that a team of experts is investigating the new corona variant AY.4.2. Teams from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and NCDC are studying and analyzing the different variants. At present, its cases in India are very less.

After the increasing case of the new variant AY.4.2 of Corona in the UK, its cases have also been reported in India. Based on the studies so far, this new form of corona is considered very dangerous. Scientists say that this new variant of the corona can be 10 percent more infectious than the original delta variant. Certain mutations have been observed in this new variant that enable it to enter human cells more easily. Currently, the cases of this new variant in India are less than 0.1 percent.

Variant of Corona R.1
Corona’s new variant R.1 has also raised the concern of health experts. According to reports, the way the nature of this variant has been seen, it is believed that it can be quite contagious. Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in a weekly report that this variant of the corona could be dangerous. In the studies done so far on the R.1 variant, scientists have found that it has the ability to easily defeat the immunity created by the vaccine in the body.

For the last two months, reports of decreasing cases of Covid-19 were coming out from all parts of the world, in the meantime, Corona has once again started raising its head. Recently new variants of Corona have increased the concern of health organizations.

Corona virus cases are increasing once again from some cities of China. According to recent reports, a lockdown has been imposed in Lanzhou city of China in view of the increasing infection. With this order, more than 4 lakh people have been forced to be imprisoned in their homes once again.

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