World first flying bike introduced, know the price and booking process

The dream of a flying car is about to come true soon. But before that we have become a witness to the flying motorcycle (flying bike).

A Japanese startup famous for making drones, A.L.I. Technologies has introduced the world’s first Hoverbike (flying bike). The name of this flying bike has been named Xturismo Limited Edition.

The body of this hoverbike in black and red color is very similar to the motorcycle. The company recently demonstrated it at the Tokyo Racetrack to demonstrate the speed of this bike.

The company has started booking the Xturismo Limited Edition hoverbike. According to the company, it will start its delivery in the first half of the year 2022.

The world’s first hoverbike, the Xturismo Limited Edition has been priced at Rs 5.1 crore. Apparently the company aims to sell it only to the rich and bigwigs at this price.

Backed by soccer player Keisuke Honda, the company has worked on prototypes of the Xturismo Limited Edition since 2017. The company claims that this will be the next generation of mobility, which gives freedom to move anywhere in the 3D space.

Flying bike
The start-up says that the XTurismo Limited Edition will not only be a new mode of transportation, but will also be a symbol of air mobility. Because it promises to fly at a speed of 100 kmph for 40 minutes. It gets a conventional engine and four battery operated motors.

The XTurismo Limited Edition hoverbike gets a motorcycle-like body mounted on top of the propeller and rests on the landing skid when closed.

The company also demonstrated a short flight to select members a few meters above the ground at a race track near Mount Fuji. The hoverbike was displayed on a racing track like a scene from a science fiction movie.

A.L.I. Technologies plans to make only 200 hoverbikes of the XTurismo Limited Edition. Notably, the XTurismo Limited Edition hoverbike will be restricted to the premises of the track or such sites. At present, it is not allowed to fly on city roads. Instead, it can be used during rescue operations to reach places that are difficult to reach.

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