Terrorist organization ISIS-K wants to implement Sharia law worldwide, the first target is Pakistan

The terrorist organization ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K) wants to implement Sharia law around the world. The organization has warned that anyone around the world who goes against Islam or the Quran will face ISIS-K.

The terrorist organization says that its first target is Pakistan. The terrorists of the organization want to destroy Pakistan. Because, when Afghanistan was ruled by Taliban, when Pakistan used to say that it has control over 80 percent of the country.

Despite this, Pakistan could not implement Islam inside Afghanistan. Terrorist organization says that we will live by destroying Pakistan.

According to the report, the ISI-K believes that the Taliban have destroyed Afghanistan. The organization says that the situation in Afghanistan has gone from bad to worse at this time. The organization that destroyed the country has come to power once again.

Najifullah, who joined ISIAK-K, told a media house that we want to implement Sharia law all over the world. We want people to live the way our prophets lived.

The clothes they used to wear, like the hijab. May everything be the same. He said that we know that we do not have much to fight now, but if we get anything, we want to go to Pakistan and fight.

Najifullah, who joined ISIS-K from Taliban, said that we found ISIS-Khorasan to be true. This organization talks about Sharia law, which we will continue to implement. He said that we are definitely less in numbers than Taliban, but we are ready to fight.

According to US intelligence reports, the number of Taliban in Afghanistan is about 70 thousand, while the number of members of ISIS-K is two thousand.

ISIS-K has increased its attacks since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. The attacks have targeted Shia mosques, killing many innocent people, as well as the ISIS-led Taliban.

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